What Reviewers Are Saying about Awkward Stage

The Critics agree! Bill Berry’s AWKWARD STAGE is:


“Broadly funny!”

“Gut splitting funny!”


“An instant classic!”


“Uber fun!”


“An instant hit”


“Full-throttle entertainment in this outstanding new record!”

“Absolutely the most fun and at times funniest music I have heard in decades!”

“Songs that sparkle with old-fashioned showmanship!”

“A healthy dose of intelligence and songwriting skill!”

“A risqué, more vaudevillian type of humor!”

“[Berry is] surrounded by some very top-notch musicians!”

“For aging boomers like me it’s a blast from the past!”

“Vivid imagery that is certain to resonate!”

“[Berry has the] gift for the highly articulate tale told with candor and levity and signifying much!”

“Exquisite musicianship and vocals!”

“I will be enjoying these songs for a very long time!”

“Had me laughing!”

Reviews from Blitz Magazine, Damn Good Tunes, The Vinyl Anachronist, Violent Malformation