Review quotes from the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Performances of ‘The Brick’:

The songwriting was exceptional and how Bill Berry got to each song through personal storytelling was compelling. I was involved from the moment it started. It was the whole spectrum—from wildly funny to deeply moving. I was a wreck by the end and I mean that in the best possible way.
– Harriet S.

“The Brick” is a very powerful and very moving show. Bill Berry is an incredibly gifted songwriter/storyteller and every minute of the show is captivating. It is an absolute must see!
– Maura L.

A perfect balance of serious subject matter with mood lightening songs performed by a tremendously talented and charismatic man.
– Gina L.

Bill Berry is a masterful songwriter and storyteller. “The Brick” takes his songs and stories to a whole new level. Uproariously funny and deeply moving, “The Brick” is a must-see. Don’t miss it!
– Andrea R.

The Brick is an emotional musical chronicle of a man’s journey through a series of toxic relationships. I laughed, boiled, choked up, dropped my jaw, and contemplated. I also did (and am still doing) the one thing that truly gives art its worth: I related.
– David P.

Bill Berry is Phenomenal! What I thought was wasn’t as I was pleasantly surprised by Bill’s very funny and very human story framed by his original tunes.The Brick is a “must-see”!
– Michael F.

Bill’s songs are at times hilarious and at times touching, very well-crafted and performed. I’ve enjoyed seeing him perform before, but by giving his songs a theatrical setting, he has reached a new level. Great music, great performances.
– Keven K.

In the stage performance of “The Brick,” Bill Berry brings a lot more than top notch songwriting to the table. I was unprepared for the depth of the story that unfolded. And, I have to admit, it hit a little close to home. Family relationships can be extremely difficult to explain, and yet, Bill manages to get to the heart of the matter in a style that somehow mixes humor, resentment, harsh truths, internal struggle, forgiveness and love. Perhaps the highest praise I can state about “The Brick” is that the totality of the presentation is much greater than the sum of its parts. Onstage, Bill is charismatic, talented, vulnerable, and ultimately… brave. Go see this show. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions you’ll experience. Art at this level is a joy to witness and a great reminder of what really matters in life.
– Todd R.

This show is by far the best one man musical show I have ever seen. Bill Berry’s performance and writing is raw and powerful. This autobiographical piece is finely chiseled. Directed by the talented Kelly DeSarla, Bill Berry shares with us the audience hi most personal moments of joy and of sorrow. We laugh and cry with him. His songwriting is masterful, witty and profound. I loved every minute of the show and will see it again.
– Edward A.

This was a remarkable journey that everyone needs to take. The acting, storytelling and music were all top notch and carried you with the performer from beginning to end. A must see for everyone, don’t let this performer get away!
– Patrice L.

Stellar story and songwriting highly recommended!
– Robert R.

Bill Berry puts on a show that is hilarious, heartfelt, jarring & uplifting all in one.
– Jeremy E.

The songs are delightful, clever, funny and/or moving, and I cared very much as the show progressed, and by the end I was in tears.
– Jeff T.

I’m so glad that I had not read the reviews prior to attending. Spoilers in the reviews would not have let the story unfold for me. I was completely unprepared – and therefore blown away – by the story arc and how Bill’s songs were woven into it perfectly. ABBA, eat your heart out.
– Peggy G.

Simple staging, simple lighting, simple setup. The production kept the focus on the most important part of the show – Bill – and didn’t try to make any unnecessary fancy elements. Raw performance.
– Nick C.

Great talent here! Bill Berry is a wonderful singer/songwriter/performer. SEE IT – his work deserves to be seen and heard.
– Linden W.

A surprisingly catchy musical which knows how to interweave tragedy and comedy in an arc that pulls at the heartstrings and never once makes you feel as if this one-man is insufficient to create an entire world through his show. Musical numbers which each have unique melodies and tell their own stories with bite, laughs, and heart most of all. The ending lines delivered with sincerity wrap the entire affair up beautifully, and you don’t at all feel like having a single actor and a minimalistic set was a constraining factor on the play’s ability to tell its story. Concept is easy to describe to others and sticks with you.
-Nicholas D.

Bill Berry is a unique talent. He is a terrific songwriter, each song a complete story or character study. Then he plays the guitar with skill and gusto and is a fantastic singer. A truly gifted musician and storyteller.
– Julie D.

Bill Berry is a storyteller of the highest order. To hear such detail, humor, and interesting subject matter is rare in song. I could count other artists with his depth on one hand and still have enough fingers left to go bowling. If you missed his Fringe run, don’t miss it again!
– Matthew L.

Bill Berry is one of the undiscovered treasures of songwriting. His wry songs about everything from what a man uses his brick for to the day he stole Steve Martin are not merely bits of cheese set out for the mice, but true and often heartfelt moments in time. Ultimately both appalling and uplifting.
– Mark B.