Transit TV Music Man

From 2012 – 2014, every time you rode the Metro Bus in Los Angeles you would see Bill Berry, The Transit TV Music Man!photo collage featuring Bill Berry holding an early Beatles album as part of Bill Berry Transit TV Music Man episode from Los Angeles Metro bus on-board video broadcast
The show was featured on closed circuit TV on every bus in the Los Angeles area!
Alas, due to budget cuts, the show had to end. But you can still see all the shows here!
We featured a new show every week!
Check out the last show:
Episode 87: Song Structure-The last episode 

Here is a great LA Times article on Transit TV from October 2013!
Who is that on the TV in the photo? It’s me!

It was a great opportunity. I wrote and hosted each episode and was able to share my love for music and musicians with the millions of riders on the Metro buses every day.
Thank you to Transit TV for such a wonderful experience!

See past episodes here!
Episode 1: Mozart
Episode 2: Music Notation/John Cage
Episode 3: Rhyming Lyrics
Episode 4: The Blues/Robert Johnson
Episode 5: The Beatles Butcher Cover
Episode 6: Taylor Swift
Episode 7: Musical Theatre
Episode 9: Laurel Canyon
Episode 10: 5 Years In New York
Episode 11: Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong
Episode 12: Slide Guitar
Episode 13: Top Ten Rappers
Episode 14: Conducting
Episode 15: Bruno Mars
Episode 16: Disney Songwriters
Episode 17: Metal Machine Music
Episode 18: Mariachi
Episode 19: Johnny Cash
Episode 20: Tap Dancing
Episode 21: P!nk
Episode 22: Scott Joplin & Ragtime
Episode 23: Interview with Recording Engineer Eva Reistad
Episode 24: Lisztomania!
Episode 25: Interview with Recording Engineer Eva Reistad Part 2
Episode 26: The PMRC
Episode 27: The Rite of Spring
Episode 28: Kristin Chenoweth
Episode 29: Interview with Singer/Songwriter Marina V
Episode 30: The Troubadour
Episode 31: Interview with Singer/Songwriter Marina V Part 2
Episode 32: The 27 Club
Episode 33: Interview with Singer/Songwriter Marina V Part 3
Episode 34: JimmyPage/Session Guitarist
Episode 35: Mumford & Sons
Episode 36: The Wall of Sound
Episode 37: White Christmas
Episode 38: Multi Track Recording
Episode 39: The Saxophone
Episode 40: The Day The Music Died
Episode 41: Bob Marley
Episode 42: The Mighty Five
Episode 43: Girls Who Shred
Episode 44: Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame
Episode 45: Darius Rucker
Episode 46: The Who’s Tommy
Episode 47: Harmony Part 1 with Tracy Newman
Episode 48: Over The Rainbow
Episode 49: Harmony Part 2 with Tracy Newman
Episode 50: Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
Episode 51: NWA – Straight Outta Compton
Episode 52: Philip Glass
Episode 53: Les Paul
Episode 54: Jake Shimabukuro – Ukulele Shredder
Episode 55: Carnegie Hall
Episode 56: Marty Robbins and NASCAR
Episode 57: The Comedian Harmonists
Episode 58: Dr. Demento, DJ to the Weird
Episode 59: Pomp And Circumstance
Episode 60: Adele
Episode 61: “Let It Go”
Episode 62: Found Instruments
Episode 63: Benefit Concerts
Episode 64: Thomas A. Dorsey – The Father of Gospel Music
Episode 65: Time Signatures
Episode 66: Music World Records
Episode 67: Jackie Evancho
Episode 68: Michael Jackson Buys The Beatles
Episode 69: Anne Akiko Meyers
Episode 70: Parody Songs
Episode 71: HR Giger
Episode 72: Lorde
Episode 73: Carl Stalling
Episode 74: The Grand Ole Opry
Episode 75: Nicki Minaj
Episode 76: All By Himself (with Sergei’s help)
Episode 77: Broadway On TV
Episode 78: Charley Patton
Episode 79: Plagiarism
Episode 80: Thanksgiving Songs
Episode 81: 8-Track Tapes
Episode 82: Supergroups
Episode 83: Overtone Singing
Episode 84: The Nutcracker
Episode 85: Ed Sheeran
Episode 86: Grammy Awards
Episode 87: Song Structure-The last episode 
Episode 88. 12-Tone Music (Not Aired)
Episode 89. Auld Lang Seine (Not Aired)