He’s called “The Quentin Tarantino of Folk Music” (David Harvey Presents).  Snazzy, sketchy, sharp-witted singer/songwriter Bill Berry writes story songs which cheerfully celebrate the car wreck lifestyles of those fumbling with love’s ruins and lighting small fires on big castaway islands of hope.

His latest album Awkward Stage (“an instant classic!” – Blitz Magazine) contended for Best Comedy Album at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Bill’s songs have been featured on Conan, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and the Dr. Demento Show. Currently he is presenting his award-winning one-man musical, Rose Petals and Ashes in theatres in and outside of the US.

*Before you read on please note: This Bill Berry is not the jazz trumpeter Bill Berry (1930 -2002), nor the retired REM drummer Bill Berry (b. 1958). Those Bill Berrys are fine and talented Bill Berrys in their own right. But they’re not this Bill Berry.
This is the singer-songwriter Bill Berry who writes funny songs and performs his one-man musical Rose Petals and Ashes. Steve Martin even sings on his album Awkward Stage! How much more comedy cred does a guy need? The answer is: none. None more.

Now back to the Bill Berry at hand.

poster for Sons & Daughters ABC television show

Bill co-wrote the musical soundtrack for ABC television’s acclaimed comedy series Sons & Daughters, with Adam Gorgoni. He’s written music for films including this gem featuring Martin Mull and Karen Black; Movies, Money, Murder. Bill’s song “Anyone Who Doesn’t Carry A Gun Better Know When To Run” was played in a bar scene where they threw darts at each others heads. From the point of view of the dart. Not too shabby.

DVD cover art for Movies Money Murder starring Karen Black, Marin Mull, Lee Purcell

Bill Berry also writes for theatre. Besides Rose Petals and Ashes, he composed the music for The Old Vaudeville (1996), and The Everlasting Bonfire (1998), both produced in Los Angeles. Bill wrote the lyrics alongside composer Bev Crain for Quandary (2007) and with composer Bill Johnson on The Mysterious Stranger (2008), both of which had staged readings in Los Angeles. Bill wrote the lyrics to the 2015 production of Monkey Mind the Musical.

As a singer/songwriter, he was signed for a cup of coffee to Evening Star Records founded by producer Nik Venet (Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt, John Stewart). Bill now records for his own company, Songwriter’s Square Records.

There are some performance clips on the video page. And please see the page for upcoming gigs.

From 2010 – 2013, Bill was the Transit TV Music Man for 87 episodes of his show on TransitTV, seen on Metro buses throughout Los Angeles County. His short takes on music, musicians and great moments in music history were very popular. He still gets recognized. You can see all the episodes HERE

Hit songwriter Harriet Schock includes many of Bill’s lyrics in her book on songwriting, “Becoming Remarkable” (Blue Dolphin Press, 1998).

Book cover art for Harriet Schock Becoming Remarkable, for songwriters and those who love songs

You might remember the Los Angeles songwriter showcase, Songwriter’s Square! Bill hosted and produced that show for over five years. Bill met and presented some of the top songwriters in Los Angeles every month.

Bill proudly performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for seven years running with his comedy jug band. Go here for the the Basin Street Sheiks page.

Photo of Bill Berry seated playing guitar and singing with six-member jug band

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