Bill Berry is a very unique Storytelling LA Folk singer. He’s got a Album called Awkward Stage coming out July 22nd which I was able to get a early listen too. Songs like “Crabs” (which is something you do not want to get) making a catchy tune about getting them and how to deal with that experience. “The Piano Player with the Lazy Eye” had me laughing… just the title alone is hysterical. I like how most of the tracks kind of have a ragtime feel to it. It’s weird like I was walking down the street in New Orleans for some strange reason.
I like how most of the tracks kind of have a ragtime feel to it.
– Violent Malformation
Don’t get me wrong not every track sounds like ragtime you get some Folk & Rock just very eclectic ,So you’re getting a little bit of a bunch of styles through out the whole album. He also kind of sounds a bit like weird Al the way he sings (I Love Weird Al) Possibly a bit Like Presidents of the United States singer with some of his lyric deliveries. I hear also a bit of Harry Nilsson influence. If you get a chance check him out …

Oh by the way I got to do some questions with him so here’s…
Three Questions With Bill Berry

If you could be any animal … What kind would it be and why?
I’d be a Bengal Tiger. The strongest and the bravest of all the animals. Plus I look great in stripes.

I’m obsessed the the paranormal and pretty much anyone I talk to has some sort of experience…… Tell me a story that you have experienced if not paranormal then some scary crap that you experienced?
I live in the foothills of Burbank, outside Los Angeles. We sometimes have coyotes come down in the neighborhood late at night.
One evening I was walking my dog Lexi, a German Shepard, when we were caught offguard on a street corner with three coyotes surrounding us. They just appeared. One on each corner of the intersection. They were big too. I’d heard stories of coyotes attacking rottweilers in the neighborhood. I froze, and Lexi, who usually will bark at anything that moves, was strangely silent. My hair was standing up but I slowly took a step to cross the street in the direction home. The three coyotes all changed positions leaving the street corner I was going to open. Then they started following us.
Lexi and I started walking with a little more purpose and the three coyotes slowed their gate and let us go.
We made it home but will never forget the terror.

If you were president how would you change the system?
I’d bring back the draft for all men and women. Work towards stopping lobbying and private money for elections.
Let businesses fail. Heavily tax businesses who manufacture goods outside of the US.